How can I narrow down my job search?

You can narrow down your job search by using the "Advanced search" tool. On this page, you can enter a job title, an employer name and a location, select filters that interest you, and view the results.


On the "Search" page, refine your job search results by selecting filters from the left hand menu. Here are some tips:

    1. If you have not included a location in the search bar, consider adding one in the "Location field". You can add a city, a region, a province/territory or a postal code. You can then adjust the radius on the interactive map to filter jobs based on their distance in kilometers from your selected location. Note: Some locations do not support searching by postal code.
    2. Select filters from the left hand menu by clicking on the title of each category, and by checking the appropriate box. Every time you select a new filter, your search results are updated accordingly. Here are some examples of filters you can use to find specific job postings: 
    • Hours of work (e.g., Full time or Part time)
    • Language at work (e.g., English, French or English and French)
    • Period of employment (e.g., Permanent, Term or contract, Seasonal, etc.)   
    • Education or training (e.g., No education required, Secondary school, College or apprenticeship, University, etc.)
    • Benefits (e.g. Health, Financial, etc.)
    • Salary 


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