How do I find student jobs on Job Bank?

On Job Bank, a "student job" is a type of job posting for persons who are enrolled in an education program. 


This type of job posting includes a "Student job" flag to help you differentiate it in your search results. You can easily find these job postings by using the "Student jobs" filter or by following these steps:

    1. Go to "Search".
    2. Type a job title or other keywords into the search bar.
    3. Enter the name or the postal code of the location where you want to work in Canada.
    4. Click on the search button.
    5. From the left side menu, select the filter "Student jobs" under "Type of job".

You can refine your search by selecting other job filters from the menu. For example, under "Hours of work" you can indicate if you are looking for a full time or a part time position.


Tip: Use the "Advanced search" to find more filters and further customize your job search.

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