Why have I been subscribed to Job Alerts by Job Bank?

You might have been subscribed to Job Alerts by Job Bank to help you look for work if you recently completed an application for Employment Insurance.


Job Alerts is a free email service notification alerting you once a day of new job postings that might interest you. Results are based on your current location and most recent occupation.


You can easily modify your alerts by clicking on “View all my alerts” within your Job Alerts email and performing a new job search in your area of interest. Then click on “Create an alert with this search” from the results page.


You can unsubscribe from Job Alerts at any time by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button located at the bottom of your Job Alerts emails. However, your subscription to Job Alerts might help you provide evidence that you are looking for work when applying for Employment Insurance.


Tip: You can create a Standard or Plus account for Job Seekers to access more job search tools and find a job faster. You can also subscribe, access and manage all your job alerts from your account.

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